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Energy-Friendly Living In A Luxury, Metropolitan Setting


The College Avenue Project

Artist's Conception

Completion Estimated for Winter/Spring 2024

A Very Special Vision For A New Way Of Life

With a groundbreaking design, and execution begun by a Dream Team focused on quality, luxury, and a vision for the Eco-Friendly future of metropolitan living, The College Avenue Project is bringing a new style of living to the Whittier area. This is not your usual “apartment building” — not by any means.

Starting with the design itself: you’ll notice it’s not simply blocks of single-story apartments on one level each. These are multi-level units that reach from the below-street-level parking garage up through a ground-level and then second floors — and then to their own loft levels. Each apartment is virtually its own townhome!

Combine this with an energy friendly reliance on solar energy that can keep the lights on to all the units during a major blackout, and you have something truly remarkable and visionary. 

Here Are Just Some Of Our Available Floor Plans

Basic 2 Bedroom Design

Here’s a great design for 2-bedroom living. This unit is designed with Living, Dining, Kitchen and Bath areas on the first level. Then, on the second floor, is a large master suite with bedroom and full bath. Above that, on the Loft level, is another smaller bedroom, also with its own bath, that opens on to a spacious roof deck area.

This is a great design for a young family or roomates. It’s also really good for a retired couple who have need of an occasional Guest bedroom for family visits.

2 Bedroom Design

Two Bedroom With Loft Design

Floor Plan - 2 Bedroom Unit with Loft

Here’s an example of the 2-Bedroom with Loft design. This is for someone that needs two bedrooms, but also has need of additonal space. As before, the first floor is devoted to a Living, Dining, Kitchen and Bath areas. The second floor, however, is now devoted to two separate Bedrooms and a Bath, one bedroom just slightly smaller than the other. The Loft area is still there, one story up, but the 3rd bathroom is gone in exchange for a larger Loft area, which can be used as a family room, game room, office, or guest room. This also opens onto a spacious roof deck area.

This is a lovely design for the younger family that needs some “play space”.

2 Bedroom Design with Larger 2nd Bedroom

Here’s an alternative 2 bedroom design that allows more space for the 2nd bedroom. As with all of the designs, the first floor is devoted to a Living, Dining, Kitchen and Bath areas. As in the original 2 Bedroom design, the 2nd floor is devoted to a Master Suite. In this design, however, the Loft level 2nd bedroom is larger, with a smaller roof deck. 

This is another great design for roomates or a family with somewhat older children. It also works well for a retired couple that wants a more luxurious Guest Bedroom for visitors.

2 Bedrooms with Larger 2nd Bedroom

2 Bedroom With Loft Corner Design

2 Bedroom with Loft - Corner Design

Here’s a great variation on the original 2 Bedroom design. This is a slightly smaller unit that basically cuts off the corner of the design above. Again, the first floor contains the Living, Dining, Kitchen areas, plus a Bath — but the kitchen area is on a diagonal. The 2nd floor is again two Bedrooms and a Bath, with the same diagonal corner design. Upstairs in this design is a Loft for use as an office, guest room, or family room, and the Roof Deck. In this design, these are about the same size.

Again, a lovely design for those who need 2 bedrooms and Loft extra space — but who don’t really need as much space as the larger designs.

Our Committment To Cleaner and Less Expensive Energy

The College Avenue Project from WIC LA LLC will be a thirty-unit apartment complex located on the west side of College Avenue, between Ramona Drive and Sargent Avenue. The project consists of four freestanding two-story wood framed structures, over a one-level subterranean parking basement. The total combined land area is 38,802 square feet, with a total square footage for residential use of 43,530 square feet, and a one-level subterranean parking basement of 32,801 square feet.

Such an ambitious design and project would be expected to result in an energy consuming behemouth. However, if that’s what one would expect — one would be wrong. The project designers and developers are all dedicated to utilizing as much clean and eco-friendly enrgy as possible.

Roof Plan Showing Solar Panel Installation

As part of our dedication to efficient energy usage and eco-friendly development, this project will be “All-Electric”, with it’s own Solar capability. If you look at the Roof Plan above, you will see the Solar Panels that are indicated there. This is a “Cal Green compliant” system that, under normal useage, will be operating at about 50% of its potential.

What this means to the residents, however, is not simply lower utility bills — which it does mean — but, it also means increased safety and peace-of-mind. The system is designed so that it can operate at 100% for something over 24 hours. That means that — when the lights go off for any reason in Whittier — they will stay on at the Project, and life will go on as usual.

A Special Place -- To Live A Special Life

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The College Avenue Project