The Team

The Faces Behind The Dream

Mr. Wang Dreams

From the beginning, the idea behind the College Avenue Project has been a dream. It was the dream of Mr. Randy Wang.

With 30 years of experience in the field of real estate development, being a graduate of Taiwan University and the University of Mississippi in the USA, Mr. Wang is well equipped to bring about a Big Dream!

So Mr. Wang dreamed. He dreamed of a Luxury, Eco-Friendly, apartment project in the Whittier area — something that maximized land use in modern ways, while providing a metropolitan lifestyle and being Energy Friends all at the same time.

Dreams Don't Build Themselves

Even with years of experience behind him, and successfully developing major projects — such as his Camellia Square Shopping Center in Temple City — Mr. Wang knew he’d need help to make this Big Dream a reality.

Dreams don’t simply build themselves. Like plants they need to be planted correctly — watered and nurtured — and so Mr. Wang set about to put together his “Dream Team”.

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The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Mr. Wang knew he’d need the best design, the finest construction, and the most professional management he could possibly find. So he searched far and wide.

  • For Design, he recruited Mark L. Tweed, AIA, Ms Jane Housden, RA, and Chadd MacGilfrey, RA, of HTH Architects in Los Angeles. With their extensive experience in all areas of design — including retail, commercial, mixed-use, multi-family, single-family, and hospitality projects – they are the perfect addition to the team to create a project for the future.
  • As General Contractor, he invited Mr. Leo Yao, Founder and CEO of R.I.C.E. (Residential Industrial Construction Enterprise), a General Construction company.
  • For Quality Construction Supervision, he signed on Mr. Michael Wang, known for efficient construction supervision on many multi-family projects in the Southern California area, as well as the Camellia Square Shopping Center in Temple City.
  • For Professional Project Management, he brought in Brion Costa, a Realtor familiar with the Southern California area, the process, and a holder of the coveted CCIM designation (Certified Commercial Investment Member). Mr. Costa operates Costa Land and Real Estate Services in Monrovia, CA.

This would be his “Dream Team“. For the next several years, all would be committed to join Mr. Wang in his dream of excellence in modern, metropolitan living. These four would work with all their skill to bring the College Avenue Project to fruition, providing comfortable, innovative, and Energy-Friendly living to the Whittier area.

It Takes a Team To Build A Dream

The Dream Comes Alive -- Winter/Spring 2024